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Introduction of the affiliated institute

  • Microalgae (phytoplanktons and benthic microalgae) are the most important basic energy unit of food chain in river, lake, and ocean. They play an important role in providing foods to species in water ecosystem and in creating biomass and energy pyramid as the catalyst that converts solar energy into biochemical energy and as basic nutrition producing source.
  • Microalgae, as an indicator organism
    to show the degree of water
    contamination and its health,
    are very important microorganism
    because these can mean the basis
    on the quality of water and
    the health of ecosystem.

  • The Research Institute of Ecophycotech has been participating in ecological survey and water quality assessment projects of Korean seashores, rivers, lakes and marshes. We have been analyzing community changes and water quality by characterizing the species composition, index of dominance and diversity of microalgae. Recently, we began to develop microalgae as carbon sinks to reduce carbon dioxide caused by global warming. Since microalgal biomass is an eco-friendly and renewable biological material to produce bioenergy, we are developing economically efficient mass culture technologies. We screen productive strains of microalgae, characterize new strains, develop special media development

    The Institute of Ecophycotech Co. places a strong emphasis on research and development to improve the microalgal biomass production. Our advanced mass cultivation technology is critical to produce various products including mariculture, biofuels, functional foods, and additive materials for cosmetics by taking advantage of unique properties of microalgae.

    For this, our research groups develop unique photobioreactors for mass culture of microalgae by integrating LED technology, microalgae culture collection, mass cultivation media, our company’s unique know-hows that controls the productivity of microalgae.
    Also, along with the Korean government’s low carbon green growth policy, Ecophycotech Co. is devoting its energy into R&D to strengthen its market competitiveness in CDM through microalgae. Our company contributes to mitigating the global warming by developing carbon dioxide reduction technology that is maicroalgae-based. Ecophycotech Co., with open mind and modesty, is striving for research to nurture fresh water and marine industry, to develop biomaterials and energy resources and to improve the quality of water. Ecophycotech Co. devotes its energy and resources to operate and manage the basic R&D and manufacturing business to realize ‘Better Future for the Next Generation’ Please stop by our web site as often as possible so that your visit can contribute to the developments of the company. My researchers and I assure you of doing our best to make the company better by concentrating the strong will and tenacity.

    Thank you Mi-Kyung Kim, the head of the affiliated research institute of EcoPhyco Tech.