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2016 July Certificated as a Venture Company by KIBO
  January Registrated as a Research Institute Spin-off Company by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, INNOPOLOIS Foundation
2015 November MCK Biotech Co. Ltd., founded
  October Trade exchanging between daegu, Korea and Soheung, China
  September Design patents for ‘Chlove’ case and ‘Fulina’ Packing
  April Selection of Export Capacity-Promotion Projects by the Small and Medium Business Administraion
2014 December MOU with Inner Mongolia Maowusu Biomass Electricity Company
  October Trade contact with K-HIT, Shopping Mall in New Jesey USA
  July MOU with Chinese IEEPA, Yeungnam Univ, and Ecophycotech Co.,Ltd
  April Chinese exhibition for International trade in Chungdu, Xian and Canton, China
2013 August Tonic water and Chlove Sleeping Pack, Certificated by Japanese Ministry of Health
  April Attending on the Meeting of Trade Delegate Group in New York, Dalas, Vancouver supported by Gyeongsan City
2012 Sept FDA certificate of Chlove Sleeping Pack form USA
RnD Funds supported by Gyeongbuk Province : Development of High Value & Functional Cosmetics as using Chlorela and Natural Sulfur
  July Selection of Project for promotion export organized by the Small and Medium Business Administration
Selection of HIT 500 Items of Chlove Sleeping Pack organized by the Small and Medium business Administration
2011 Nov MOU with GTEP(Global Trade Expert Practice) Program for Yeungnam Univ.’Students
  August Award of the Prime Minister on the 12th Contest of Innovation Technology organized by the Small and Medium Business Administration
  April Registered the trademark [Marina Deeplus] on the Korean Intellectual Property Office
2010 June Succeeded to apply the project (The Development of Functional beverage, Marina Deeplus, using marine chlorella and deep seawater by using an LED cultivation system) supported by the Ministry of Intelligence and Economy
  May MOU for a technology cooperation with Research Center for Industrialization of LED-IT Convergence of Yeungnam University
Registered a plant of EcoPhyco Tech.
Patent application (#10-2010-0033980: Functional composition of beverage using Chlorella and deep seawater)
MOU agreement with Culture Collection, University of Texas at Austin, USA.
Trademark application of<Marina Deeplus>for a functional beverage
MOU for technology cooperation with Il-Hae Fisherie Co.
  January 2010, Registration as a member of the Family Company Program, the Univ. of Yeungnam
2009 December
Allowed to be the venture business for the next period of time
Selected as an Industry Partner for the “Project of Research & Development of Marine Bioenergy” granted by the Ministry of Maritime Land and Transportation
Patent application (#10-2009-0119884: Culture medium composition for Nannochloropsis EP1 and their uses)
  October First selection of R&D policy and project supported by the Ministry of Maritime Land and Transportation
  August Sea Grant Research Project with the POSTECH granted by the Ministry of Maritime Land and Transportation <Resource Development and Industrialization of Marine Microorganisms Using Deep Seawater in the East Sea>
2009 Exposition of AlgaMax, the Korean Society of Phycology
Certification of the affiliated institute for microalga research
  April The MOU with Human Resource Training Center for Frontier Project of Green Energy, the Yeungnam University.
  May Application of PCT
(PCT, # KR2009/002724: The Use of microalgae to eliminate CO2 with high efficiency and their uses)
Selected as Gyeongsangbuk-do TP& Korean business data and monitoring company (for discovering and raising a prospect business)
Member of Business women Associate and Power Business
  February Registered as a member of Korea Industrial Technology Association and established an exclusive department of research and development
2008 December acquired a re-certification for the venture business
July Certification of ISO 9001:2000
  April < AlgaMax > Trademark registration
  March Operating microalgal culture in YeungDuk-Gun
Manufacture Registration
Moving to the Inst. of Industrial Tech., the Yeungnam University
  January Patent Registration (#10-0799065)
2007 December Venture Company Registration
September The first construction of livestock wastewater sewage disposal in Jeju-do.
  June The MOU for developing marine bioresources between Ecophycotech Corporation, Yeungnam University, and North Kyongsang Province (local government).
Contracting a joint research cooperation with Yeungnam University, and Marine Science Research Center.
Registering patent #0500333 –Culture medium containing bacteria, mineral water and its process of manufacure.
Moving into room #310 of Institute of Science & Technology for Collaboration of Industry and Academia of Yeungnam University.
February 2007, Founding of Ecophycotech Co.(Ltd.)