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CEO Greeting

A company that cares about the environment, human being and tomorrow!
This is on the web site of EcoPhyco Tech.

Welcome to EcoPhyco Tech.
The company that values nature and human the most has been established to prepare a base of better life for our next generations and accomplish visions that contribute to the developments of the society.

The name of company is a compound word of Eco (ecosystem), Phyco (algae), and Tech (technology).
It indicates the understanding of nature from the aspect of microalgae which is sensitive to environmental changes of the earth. EcoPhyco Tech is the researching and manufacturing company that industrializes the microalgae by applying technologies of environmental engineering and biotechnology.

As an indicator of living organism that presents the hydro-environment, and a producer that makes the life energy within the ecosystem the company is the venture business that pioneers the market of the field with a new technology which is applicable to the environment and biology -oriented businesses.
Based on the technology to culture microalgae, the company is providing healthy alive feed and seedling project which is the milestone for the raising business that has recently faced with difficulties because of global warming, seawater temperature rising, and red tide caused by abnormaly climate. It is also planning to develop a product from functional living organism materials, such as biological materials, healthy foods, beverage, cosmetic products, and other various food additives by marine bio-energy business that contribute to the low carbon green energy projects.

I will appreciate interests and cooperations that stimulate endless developments and changes of the company based on the venture startup mentality.
I am putting my pen down as quoting a phrase by Hye Won, Yong -
“My dream finally came true when I stoped dreaming a dream but lived as what I dreamt of."
Thank you.